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Journeys Out of The Body : Bob Monroe

Journeys Out of The Body :  Bob Monroe

Robert Allen Monroe,popularly known as Bob Monroe, is a author of famous 1971 book ” Journeys Out of the Body ” and is credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body experience” . Bob Monroe was a New York radio broadcasting executive who later became famous for his research into altered consciousness.

Following is a informative vintage interview with Bob Monroe circa 1979.

With the help of several specialists in psychology, medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, electrical engineering, physics, and education, Robert Monroe developed Hemi-Sync, a patented audio technology that is claimed to facilitate enhanced performance for out of body experience.

Hemi-Sync is short for Hemispheric Synchronization, now popular as brainwave synchronization. Monroe indicated that the technique synchronizes the two hemispheres of one’s brain, thereby creating a ‘frequency-following response’ designed to evoke certain effects. Hemi-Sync has been used for many purposes, including relaxation and sleep induction, learning and memory aids, helping those with physical and mental difficulties, and reaching altered states of consciousness through the use of sound.


  1. Anyone know where i can get the audio for this? It would make an awesome overlay for a dub track or something similar

  2. I like how the host of the show as well as the audience pays great attention to Mr.Monroe, they dont attack him… I can now see how we today have been conditioned to believe only what knowledge we recieve from “Officials” and what ever our fellow man says is abosolute nonsence…

  3. to every body who reads my comment. if you do not believe this you re denying yourself a world of experiences. this is not religion, not beliefs, nor is it philosophy. this is purely an experiment. but it is an experiment that will change your life forever.

  4. Did you know that Yoda was created with Robert Monroe in mind. Lucas did a Gateway Voyage while writing Star Wars.!!! WE MUST OPEN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS TO MORE, ITS NOT JUST ABOUT THIS WORLD AND THIS LIFE. WE HAVE TO CALL FOR MORE FROM THE UNIVERSE .

  5. Great interview; thanks for posting this! I like how he describes the process as getting beyond “beliefs” and “hopes”, and “turning these into knowns” (as he stresses in his later books).

  6. I’ve had several out of body experiences..it is quite the experience. There is nothing to fear.. just surround yourself with white light and you will be fine.

  7. something about the way he is and talks is so comforting. He presents something considered by many to be ludicrous in such a way that you can only believe him

  8. So brave of him to open up about the topic with such shallow and skeptical interviewers. He comes off as bright and intelligent and it’s the interviewers who look ridiculous. That was thirty years ago and OBEs are still not mainstream knowledge. Wish he was still around to be on Oprah… An amazing pioneer…


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