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Pineal Gland Our Third Eye: The Biggest cover-up in human history

Pineal Gland Our Third Eye: The Biggest cover-up in human history

The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

The Secret : What they don’t want you to KNOW!

Every human being’s Pineal Gland or The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

With more advance practice and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but the United States, former Soviet Union governments and various shadow organization have been doing this type of research for ages and have succeed far beyond our imagination.

Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine cone in art. The ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits and exemplified this in their vast symbologies with a symbol of an eye.

Pineal Gland reference is also in back of the U.S. dollar bill with what is called the ‘all seeing eye’, which is a reference to the ability of an individual (or group of individuals) to use this gland and go to the other side (spiritual world) and possibly control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world by knowing what they are thinking at all times in our physical world.

Various research being conducted so far confirms that there are certain periods in the night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where chemicals are released in the brain that bring about feelings of connectedness to one’s higher source.

The Conspiracy : How they are Killing your Pineal Gland

In the late 90’s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carries out the first study the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. The pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones.
Pineal gland is like a magnet to sodium fluoride. This calcifies the gland and makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal processes through the body.

Various Researches ever since have proved Sodium Fluoride goes to the most important gland in the brain? It’s the only thing that attacks the most important center of our gland in the brain. It’s prevalent in foods, beverages and in our bath and drinking water. Sodium Fluoride is put in 90% of the United States water supply. Water filters you buy in supermarkets do not take the fluoride out. Only reverse osmosis or water distillation. The cheapest way is to buy a water distiller.

Sodium Fluoride is in our water supply, food, pepsi, tooth paste, mouthwashes, coke, to dumb down the masses, literally!. The fluoride was introduced into the water by the Nazis and the Russians in their concentration camps to make the camp population docile and do not question authority.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that if you take away the seat of the soul, this disconnects our oneness with our god and power of our source our spirituality and turn us into a mundane slave of secret societies, shadow organizations and the control freak corporate world.

I like to end my article with this quote..

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

– :Buddha


  1. Alright, I don’t know anyone personally to ask so I’ll ask here. I experience an odd state occasionally. If I am in the correct bodily position while listening to certain music my head feels like it turns to lead, especially between the eyes, but I have a simultaneous feeling of something pulling my brain upwards through a point between my eyes on my forehead. My whole body experiences a floating feeling and I am in a perfectly peaceful and happy mood where time flies by. Its hard to describe how powerful this physical feeling is, I wish I could will it but I freeze when it happens for fear of losing the moment. Could this be something to do with a Third Eye?

    • I have actually experienced the same thing. It has happened to me quite a few times. I’ll be sitting, lost in thoughts, when all the sudden I feel like my soul and mind are literally floating up and out of my body. I can see my body below me. Usually I cannot come back on my own. The heavy feeling in my head keeps me floating, lost in my thoughts. Everything is amplified when this happens. From music to wind to voices to my own thoughts. I’ve always wondered what was happening to me.

      • Hope, there is much information about this (your experience) at Eckankar.org. Eckankar means “co-worker with God,” and emphasizes the importance of personal experience with the Life Force in the form of Light and Sound (known as the ECK). In the Eckankar teachings, books, discourses, and spiritual exercises, there is much about the nature of ourselves as eternal Soul. This is embodied in the expression, “I am a Soul with a body, not a body with a Soul.” It is all about self-identity. Soul has one life, but many births.

        Eckankar teaches how you can personally experience Soul Travel – the movement of Soul from one state of consciousness to another, and the movement of Soul into planes of existence beyond the physical dimension, such as the astral, causal, mental, etheric and Soul planes. In addition to Soul Travel, there is much information about Dreams and Past Lives.

        I have been a member of Eckankar since 1971. Through it, I have found Soul-satisfying answers to life’s many questions, such as, “Who am I, why am I here, and where am iI going?” The whole foundation of this beautiful teaching is LOVE.
        For me, the purpose of life is, “How can I learn to love better?”

    • I have experienced the exact same feeling, usually when I am attempting astral travel. It has a lot to do with your third eye and your crown chakra (at the top of your head). When this happens and you feel a pleasent sensation, you are in direct contact with spiritual energy from the cosmos. The best thing to do when this happens is to expand your aura in order to protect yourself, then enjoy the experience.

  2. Wonderful.This is really a thing to feel and read.Actually we cannot deny that we things besides us but we donot know prorperly about ourselves

  3. The conditioned, socialised life is connected to the ‘ego’ and the sense of self that identifies you with the outside everyday physical world. Through this factor, you identify yourself with a conditioned response based on social and cultural aspirations, such as looks, money, products, stuff etc.

    The underlying presence that is connected to the ‘universal’ is not identified by the ego’s aspirations and is steadfast. It is the only ‘truth’ in everything. From this vantage point, the higher consciousness already knows everything, everywhere and everywhen as it is not subject to time or physical conditions connected to physical life. In short, tap into your higher consciousness and you remove yourself and more importantly the feelings you have attached to certain conditions. The higher consciousness will ALWAYS reveal the truth and with that the misery we have been taught to react to vanishes in the light of that truth.

    How do I know this?
    I suffered a strange condition 8 years ago that affected my pituitary and pineal gland. I still have it. And yes, I see things completely different…and I wouldn’t change anything!

    • you havnt given much detail of this conditioning affecting your said glands, but i believe from what ive heard in your single comment i wouldnt mind suffering from this condition also, if i have been ignorant to suffering or other sides of this condition you suffer please excuse me, all im sayin is it sounds as though you live pretty much through your third eye, nd that to me does not sound like a dis advantage, i too have a back story that has led me to try to find all i can about the pineal gland, i am only young nd literally in the starting stages of research, if you could enlighten me with your knowledge, ( not literally expecting you to make me have an enlightenment although if you can help me i believe you will be helping me fast track to my spiritual self) im not sure how old your comment is, i just stumbled upon this sight and am keen to make it clear im not ignorant to reality, i question everything within the grasp of my knowledge nd well i ramble, let me first see if you reply nd if you do i will be very excited. thanks Tony

  4. I would love to see any proof you have whatsoever that any of this is not just a chemically induced hallucination as well as an basis you have for flouride effecting the pineal gland please post any scientific evidence that supports these claims.

    • I read Mercola.com and a newsletter from the Health Ranger, they and others often give many dangerous effects from fluoride…google it yourself and see…I have heard for some time that fluoride adversely affects the human body…for all our modern science even educated people are giving the OK for us to have our bodies and the world around us poisoned, in effect, the result being the degeneration of our health and even genetic damage to the natural world around us.

    • look it up, there are hundreds of pieces of evidence and information out there,just look it up.myyaybe the fact that when scientists cut the pineal gland open it resembled an eye, that it has been spoken about for thousands of years. that they did prove floride to effect the paneal gland(this is scientific fact) that also mercury effects the pineal gland wich you get in floresent light bulbs and fillings. there so much more so go do your research you mug.pineal gland controls meletonin thaty enduces sleeping patterns and is onsorbed the the suns light, and d.m.t wich when peoples trips were examined they were all verry simular

      • Lance and leanbean have valid points. There are facts and Scientific research that support these findings. Now even Medical researchers and Doctors are breaking away from the Authoritarian and established acceptable perhaps Politically correct opinions.
        Those that care to carry the cross and dare to oppose the establishment.
        Religion and the occult have shared similar paths and if we look around at some of the worlds religions we see a pine cone used as a symbol even by the Catholic Pope One staff had a pine cone on it, or The Catholic Church. Very few things are coincidental, we have used symbolism for centuries. Geometrical signs and mathematics were old established sciences even used by the Mayans, Egyptians so on and so forth. Some of our greatest structures and achievements are currently still baffling our scientists.
        Lets take the Pyramids as an example. How could some one centuries ago develop a microwave transmitter? Yet the Pyramids are huge transmitters and built to exact specifications using natural materials available at the time.
        Where the average person misses the point, as they have not been taught where to look and how to look for the signs. The signs are there. Science and the religions have been entwined and modern science even modern medical science (or Western) have had a long history of co operation or melding. merging. Alchemy is now Chemistry.
        Eastern cultures have been more open to certain practices in the past where we in the west have had a few big set backs. Example: Acupuncture. How did the Asians discover meridian points and that certain points can be used to divert, reduce or enhance Internal energy? The same energy that can be used to heal or harm and how would they have found out that the energy flows through the human body in cycles of two hours based on a 24 hour clock. Being stronger in certain organs than others for a period of two hours as this continually cycles. Should the energy stagnate or be blocked in any area it is likely to cause health problems and effect other organs. In severe cases it can cause death.
        Today we have ECG machines and we can attach sensors to the human skull to help the human control electronic devices by regulating their stress levels and going into alpha states of the mind.
        Western Science ridiculed these things, however, the electronic age has opened the doors for new discoveries. With new discoveries we get new scientific data that can be proven and documented in practical ways with examples and experiments so we can use formulas and maths to confirm and support the research. Are sciences absolute? Not exactly due to certain external influences. The biggest influence can be Political and agenda based. Thank god we have those that are willing to cross examine some of the claims others make. Biased reports often support the side that is funding the research.

        The problem was that our Royal, Elite and Religious fraternity have tried to control and restrict the average person (Common people) from obtaining certain knowledge, these actions held us back?
        Perhaps not all of us? We still have the same problems but it is now harder to control. The guarded secrets are slowly becoming more accessible due to the Information Technology revolution.

        Since 1930 there were plans for Global Population control. Look up the Rockefeller foundation that sponsored many research facilities and Universities. Look up the corruption with in the US authorities preventing Cancer cures and destroying the people that were treating Cancer with 80% plus cure rates using natural cures. This still takes place. As stated to myself by a Cancer ward Pharmacist when asked “what would happen if there was a cancer cure found that could be purchased from the pharmacy or that the GP could give to the patients” The answer was swift: “That will never happen as we would get it and control it”.

        7.2 billion people Plus reside on this planet currently. Exponential population growth by even 5% per year would mean that in 10 years time we would have very few unpopulated areas of the planet.
        So why would Mr Bill Gates state that Vaccinations would be great way of controlling the world population?
        Perhaps there are multi pronged attacks being used against us and perhaps certain things are being done to prevent us from being able to develop our full potential in some ways but we are being directed into developing other areas that are seen as more valuable or desirable. We have to be useful little Vegemite’s. Work so we can be taxed, and make our bosses wealthier.

  5. I have once reached the state you are talking about…opening the hird eye…once you truely believe you are “jesus” or “god” you may open your gland. When i first did it…it was a living near death experience. I was in constant fear of dying or being captured. I always thought the world was out to get me and i couldnt trust anyone. Funny thing is that i felt like i could see how aware certain people were and i could see who was whos slave. And i could hear certain people talking to each other openly in code…serious talk concealed as a joke. Scariest shit ever if you dont know who is talking in code or not. It all started when i tried to combine spirituallity with reality. Not to mention that when i got horny my come turned red…

  6. Funny, I live in Queensland, Australia. They have only just introduced flouride into the water supply. Most of the rest of Australia already had flouride in their drinking water. And yet, in all that time, it was QUEENSLAND that seemed to have the most authoritarian government. Also the most dumb-arses.
    Go figure…

  7. Funny, I live in Queensland, Australia. They have only just introduced fluoride into the water supply. Most of the rest of Australia already had fluoride in their drinking water. And yet, in all that time, it was QUEENSLAND that seemed to have the most authoritarian government. Also the most dumb-arses.
    Go figure…

  8. There’s a wonderful book called “How to Heal your Pineal Gland to facilitate Enlightenment optimize Melatonin and Live Longer (The Enlightenment App)” that talks about how to decalcify and heal your pineal gland.

  9. I Don’t know if I believe in this stuff or not, but I’ve been seeing like these white wisps everywhere, they look like they are trying to catch up to me. Also I here this female voice telling me “Hurry John!” BTW, my name isn’t John!!! I can also Read minds on occasion and Feel other peoples emotions if they are near me. Can someone explain this to me?

  10. feeling others emotions is being empathic. It’s the most common of all abilities animals get 🙂 most humans are just tuned out through social conditioning…. cause this shits ‘crazy’

  11. doctors say there’s something wrong with my head. it’s been going on for years. They dont know what it is that makes me dream of angels and sleepwalk to churches. im only 16 and im so scared. idk if i beleive all this but if someone could talk to me please, ill do anything.

    • Hi Sarah

      Look on the youtube at Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children informaiton and I think you will start to understand what is going on. There are many people like you around the world and your doctor unfortunately isn’t one of them. Try and find yourself some people to chat to you regarding indigos on websites etc. The angels that you dream of are real, they are very loving beings who are here to help and protect you. Call on them out loud and ask them for some protection. Also ask them out loud to bring people into your life who can help support you in a loving way who fully understand what you are going through. They are coming through to you in your sleep because that is your clearest channel. Accessing you during the day is much harder at present. Not for much longer, I should think. Look up on books by Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper. If you have any more questions please let me know.

      Karen xx

  12. You guys seriously are believing this? My faith in humanity is going down. I am a (neuro)psychologist and my father is a brain surgeon. Believe me, this is straight up horse shit. You guys are like a cult; sheep in a herd, following whatever people put up on this site. Hell, I can probably put some shit up about how the Mayans invented air, and you’d totally fall for it. Don’t believe this shit people. Totally illegitimate.

    • Dude, flouride is poison. They started putting it in our drinking water after legislation demanded corporations get rid of it in an environmentally friendly way. Because it is a toxic by-product of several different forms of manufacturing. By the way your post was spoken like a true agent. I actually laughed out loud to myself when I read it, then imagined how lonely and pathetic you must be.

    • Dude, flouride is poison. They started putting it in our drinking water after legislation demanded corporations get rid of it in an environmentally friendly way. Because it is a toxic by-product of several different forms of manufacturing. So they got together with the ADA to make up some bullshit like its good for teeth. By the way your post was spoken like a true agent. I actually laughed out loud to myself when I read it, then I imagined how lonely and pathetic you must be.

    • I am sorry to inform you Schnapps, but all the text books you studied in school were written by the Pharmaceutical industry, who are the most to gain from this endeavor. Please my friend if you are in fact a Neuro psychologist, the Eastern Medical industry is 600 years ahead of western medicine in Neurology which makes your studies some what primative, and in my father’s generation of the 1960’s when human rights was at it’s strongest these companies were afraid of being exposed, fluoride was soon taken out of the water because of it’s radioactive qualities. My father is a Chemist and had done multiple lab tests on this subject, he also found 2 cures for breast cancer which were shoot down by the medical industry which in fact did not include radioactive material, but oxygen which will also destroy cancer cells . As a psychologist myself I can clearly see that by your strong reaction you are feeling defensive, clearly who and what are you defending?

    • Schnapps is the only person stupid enough to come on a site he doesn’t support and discredit beliefs because lack of attention. The info is here for people to use it if found helpful. I’ve personally had my third eye open many times enough to realize the government feeds off of weak mined people like you. You lost faith in humanity? If you we’re smart you would of never had faith in it to begin with… You should maybe kill yourself and stop waisting people’s time that are trying to gain true knowledge…. I bet you ate lunch by yourself through grade school and highschool… I’m done…

    • My friend stop drinking the Fluoride water and things will get better. Start a detox program that will help even more. French Medical Scientists are treating children with autism with detox programs and Anti biotic s, surprise some have made a full recovery?
      The Europeans in most countries do not use Fluoride in drinking water, USA now has a lot of states working towards removing it from drinking water. Yes in a tooth paste form it may be good for strengthening teeth but Sodium Fluoride is a waste product that can not be dumped into rivers or waterways as it is Toxic and heavy fines are incurred for dumping it.
      So why dump it into human and animal bodies?
      Yes, I know chemists change it into safe acceptable levels for human consumption?
      This is like adding Phenacetin (Banned analgesic for internal medical uses as it is a Grade 1 Cancer causing chemical and causes renal failure and Intestine cancer) into Hydrogen Peroxide bottles. Then the TGA or (the authority that is supposed to filter out dangerous and banned substances from medicine and food) states that “it is a safe acceptable level of 0.8 to 1.0% per volume and when mixed with water it is more diluted”. Yet, you should know that any small amounts of Carcinogenic substance can contribute to Cancer as it may increase the human chances or contribute to getting the disease. These things work towards impairing our immune system. When used in combinations with other “safe acceptable” levels they have an “add on or accumulation effect”. I asked the TGA if there was a safe acceptable level for Asbestos as it was a Grade 1 Carcinogen. I am still waiting for the response and somehow I do not think I will get it.
      Trying to deceive or BS the public as they think we are all uneducated and stupid.
      Strange that even the Politicians and the health authorities use the same reasoning and the Minister responded with a letter advising me that we have the highest safety standards in the world and that the TGA checks everything before they allow it on to the market for human consumption or use?
      However, I had talked to the TGA and emailed them, I called seven health authorities and none could tell me that certain things I enquired about had undergone Independent safety checks (One was Gardosil or the HPV Vaccination)? Merck in my opinion does not have a good safety record just look at Viox and the damage that caused over 40,000 deaths in the USA alone.
      The health department in Australia finally advised me to call Merck and ask them about facts and details? I asked “How will that get me Independent and unbiased information”? “They are the manufacturers and they make money from these things”? I was diverted and asked to call state and federal authorities over seven times. My emails were not returned.
      The problem is that we have “self regulation” and Privatisation that can be biased for PROFITS.
      Do you really expect [people to believe that the people running these BUSINESSES will scrap things they have spent millions on making? Very unlikely. Why do the Governments allow these things? Well most of the so called Government Departments are now businesses and have been privatised. Am I suggesting corruption? I let you decide.
      However, people that Cross the Boss get the Cross and are asked to carry it. They get crucified.

    • Schnapps, you are the one who needs to wake up! A number of the Doctors I know may be “book” smart but when it comes to common sense… they are seriously lacking! Clearly you are no different! If you can’t see how unbalanced the banks, the governments etc really are, than you are a moron!!!

  13. Pineal must be properly developed, after the development of the soul, thats all. Neverthless, this must be done harmonically, step after step during certain time in a right way, or to get lost. This is not for a materialist way of living. The risks are high and many, precipitation can ruin all the work. The only calcification that exists result of the wrong development or even lack of development. Development of the soul and so the pineal must happens since the beginning of one’s growth, not after messed up or on the end.

  14. So if you father is a Brain Surgeon, was he ever curious to why we have an eye in the center of our heads?? Did he ever ask anyone why does this Pineal gland light glows?? Or did he just think it was normal, because the professor who taught him said so??

  15. Now that the Aquarius age is here, the awakening of humanity kicks off hopefully…..
    Our life is like a day of the earths history……

    Don’t be wise in your own eyes
    Praise The Lord and depart from evil

  16. Wow, is Schnapps ever ignorant, you’d hope an educated guy would do some research before he starts ranting from his own conditioning.

  17. How sad that a person smart enough to be a (neuro)psychologist is still so blind to reality. I guess some people just won’t go far enough beyond thier conditioning to find the truth. Come on Schnapps, take some time to really look into it and come back and let us know what’s up.

  18. I believed it! Until this article ended with: ‘don’t believe anything you read’.. Tell me why I should believe you, and not someone else?!

  19. Dear All, Between the eyebrows, right in the centre there is a thin membrane or tissue covering the pineal gland.Once this is removed the kundalini energy which resides in the lyden gland or mooladhara can rise up and reach the pineal gland thus intensifying all spiritual experiences.This is called Kundalini Yoga Meditation founded by Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan.Easy to follow provided you have the right teacher or guru.Blessings.

  20. Why is fluoride introduced into our water supply if it is proven to be harmful to humans? It is even in the bottled water that we drink because we believe it is better than tap water. Also it is in our foods that we eat and the USDA should know it is harmful.
    I would really like to know your take on this subject.

  21. i believe many of the ideas above and that our pineal gland is being calcified, but if this is true, (and the same goes for all other ‘conspiracy theories’ on the internet) then why has no one taken this down? these same ideas are presented in youtube videos that could easily be removed, my theory is that they know its too late and our attempts of enlightenment are never going to amount to anything, thoughts?

  22. I can’t believe how crazy this all is. I didn’t know about this before, and now i think of all the people that were just like me, completly 100% unaware of whats happening in the world today, and this. I am a very strong believer in the Illuminati, and everything just all comes together. I’ve tried to confess to my friends my believfs and tell them the truth, and they just laugh at me. I seriously have no faith in our future, at least in America. I know that we are brainwashed. I seriously wish i could do something about it. Also, whenever i read things i tend to sweat, anyone else? Im so happy other people know about htis

    • I feel exactly the same as you. I keep telling my family every day about what’s going on but they just don’t believe me, it’s so frustrating! The Illuminati are 100% real (in my opinion) and I have lost faith in the future of humanity too. Everybody is blind to what is going on all around us on a global scale.

      • Not everyone is blind Scott, there are others who feel exactly as you do, including myself. You’re right it is frustrating. People are starting to wake up and it’s happening faster and faster. Keep faith, the change is coming!! 🙂

      • Not everybody Scott!! There’s more of us than you think, but will agree, there are more zombie’s than believers. Definitely frustrating when others fail to see the truth. Just keep sounding the trumpet brother!!

      • Don’t lose faith everybody! I have also been in the exact situation but whenever I hint about the conspiracies and the Illuminati and the Truth my mom starts to worry about me, so now I’ve learned to keep quiet until the right time for her. Meanwhile, my dad is a huge conspiracy theorist and he has kind of helped me on my path for truth so it’s easy talking to him. I have learned so much after my 6 months of research and I know so much now. As much as I see complete annihilation of humanity coming, I sometimes believe that there will be something, a force perhaps or God himself (the Bible is written by the Illuminati themselves so the revelation is basically their agenda for us – Jesus will not be coming back nor has he ever existed). I have hope for humanity because we were born to be free. WE ARE ALL ONE and we are created as one. If we stop turning on each other and form haters, then perhaps we can see that the real enemy are those in power, and we are the prisoners, chained up as their slaves. But we are not. It’s time for a revolution. People are waking up little by little and the ones in power knows this, so soon they will try to stop us. But love is the greatest power in the universe. We just have to learn to love.

        • Be very careful.God is very much real. The new age bibles are iffy. They want to lure you away from our true God. He has no religion, he’s love. His image is not real, he doesn’t have blue eyes and light brown hair, that was an image painted from an artist. I’m still learning myself, still have a lot to discover. If you’re into new age get far away form it, part of NWO is new age deception. Joel Olsteen is one of the main ones. Keep on the journey, just throwing some stuff up there.

    • I swear man I thought anyone else realised all this shit but me I’ve learned not to tell anyone my beliefs because they will all laugh and just think I’m crazy ,its sad how brainwashed our society is today . In my opinion what I believe is no more stupid than people who believe in god or any other religion

    • Something beautiful is happening around the world, people are waking up! We have so much potential as human beings so do not give up hope! The fear frequency which the elite use is a great tool for control but once you realize there is nothing to fear and the love frequency is so much stronger then the fear and their control melts away! Things may seem dreary but understating the way everything works will help you to see the silver lining 🙂 We are all one and so we create this reality we live in. This world is the way it is because it is reflecting what we as a species are going through. We must reach the darkest of depths to see the light! . Your friends and family will realize everything eventually, they are just not ready yet 🙂

    • We can’t lose faith! I would highly encourage everyone to research into the New Age movement, it speaks a lot to the coming of the Age of Aquarius, ushering in the betterment of society as a whole by joining together as a human race and thinking holistically with one another. It speaks a lot to sustainable living and working together towards the betterment of the earth and society. We are on the brink of large change, and the results will be catastrophic if we don’t get our shit together. Global warming, deforestation, and capital greed plague our society and we need to join together in order to save our world!

  23. Fluoride is said by research to cause more damage than just calcification of the Pineal gland. Chinese research indicated it was found to cause children drinking water with fluoride to have lower IQ’s, pacifies and dulcifies people. To remove it from our tap water we need an reverse osmosis filter, standard filters will not do the job.
    How much of this is true?

    In addition we have a lot of human made products and by products that add to the above list in what is coined as SAFE ACCEPTABLE LEVELS, the accumulation of these safe acceptable levels is my concern. How many safe acceptable levels of TOXIC chemicals and agents are we exposed to on a daily basis?
    Where to start: Medicines, Vaccinations, Food additives, Plastics, cosmetics, pollutants, electro magnetic radiation,. Microwave radiation, Fluoro light radiation, do we need to worry about exposure to a little bit of sun light? We do need at least 10 to 15 minutes daily to produce
    “Vitamin D”. Yet the Slip Slop and wear a hat campaign has worked so well that people are now Vitamin D deficient.
    All that is good is demonised and the bad stuff becomes good?

  24. Omg, I’ve been doing chakra alignments on myself but was in doubt. Why does my meditation angelic cd state awaken your third eye chakra. Im a stop doing this. I just didnt know. I’m a just practice basic yoga but no medition with that cd.

    • Iv been experiencing some crazy shit like when i sleep im half awake and when i loook aat smoeone i can tell what they are feeling
      And even sometimes i feel the world as a whole and you what i got to say is we are lost waiting to be founded

  25. Hey guys, I love reading about all this conspiracy stuff and how it is linked to religous control. I am a former catholic and I want to know if the catholic church uses stuff like this for deceit and control. How corrupt is the Catholic church?

    • Very corrupt in fact they are evil ones of the synagogue of satan . The Vatican has lots of dark secrets they will not let people know , richest church in the world , heavil armed and they have tried to change Gods commandments is sabbath day

      • What a load of complete bull! Satanic? You are calling white black and black white. If the Catholic church is satanic then they are the most counterproductive useless satanists known to man because they spread the word and the teachings of Jesus Christ who last time I checked was the total oppisite of evil. In fact the Catholic church was set up by Jesus christ and noone would have a bible today if it were not for her. So please, enough of your anti Catholic fundamentalist backward lies and misconceptions.

        • There is only one Church which has always preached the gospel and has been fighting satan and not backed down from its teachings, even to this day… The Catholic Church.

          Otherwise, why is the media and certain politcal regimes always out to get the Church? The Church is the bride of Christ.

        • Spot on John! The world hates the light, and therefore it hates the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC & APOSTOLIC CHURCH. Are all it members and leaders saints? Of course not, not even close. It is HOLY because who founded it and the Spirit which enlivens it. Poor Protestanst! They only have the Bible, which is mute and unable to defend itself from FALSE AND INCORRECT INTERPRETATIONS!!! Surely the fact there are 1000’s of proto sects out there all claiming to have found some new revelation in the Bible whilst being’guided’ by the Holy Spirit, is evidence of the crap of sola scriptura. You guys always remind me of the prodigal son parable. You have taken your inheritance, you have left home, and when you a knee deep in pig do do, you may come to your senses and return home. And when you do, the True Church will forgive you and welcome you back and there will be great celebrating, because you were lost and are now found. Dead, but now alive.
          God Bless John. Remember, its His Church and He is responsible for changing hearts. Our job is to confirm the Truth, not convince people of it

  26. If the Catholic Church has so much power over its members, why do so many violate its teachings without impunity? It’s a ridiculous conspiracy theory. I’d be more concerned about the occultists. It and political leaders, even secularists if communist nations, tend to go hand-in-hand. Lazy, comfortable leaders of mainstream faiths make a vacuum for all kind of wild ideas to fourish. Some of those belief systems teach killing, whereas Christianity was never about killing, despite wayward members’ deadly misbehavior,
    but forgiving. Real power is about self-control and not sorcery or gaining other
    powers over others, whether to heal or hurt. We are to be vessels of God’s power–pens in His hand. Defending the weak is no sin, but it does involve power that can corrupt. People will always be people; Jesus, on the other hand, had a divine and human nature.

  27. I feel empathy for the Illuminati society.

    They started as an organization forged from the very sharpest minds in history. Theologists, Mathematicians, Artists, Philosophers, Astronomers, etc. were all included in this society for the betterment of the human race.

    Years of persecution from the Catholic church (as well as torture) started growth of a malignant animosity. No longer were their goals focused on the betterment of humanity, but the survival of their society. Unsavory characters of all walks of life began infiltrating this society, and disfiguring it into what it is today.

    If you remember the base roots of the Illuminati, I’m sure you can feel the same way I do.


    • You are of track. The illuminati ‘free masonry’ has been an age old enemy of the church because it is Luciferian ‘satanic’ ats its corr and is full of occultism. The masons have also been persecuting the church for centuries. You have confused the good with the evil somewhat.

  28. I find this very interesting. My son sent me this link and about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor in my pineal gland. It was discovered after I had an MRI bec I had a car accident. Decided not to doanything about it except have it watched bec it’s located in a deep part of the brain. I grew up in a time before fluoride was put into everything including drinking water but as an adult I drink a lot of coffe and use the tap water to prepare my coffee this is very scary stuff indeed and thankfully my eyes are opening more and more.

  29. Know anyone that has a large decalcified pineal gland that can attest for the “oneness all knowing mental state” that comes with a healthy gland? Didn’t think so.

    • Yes, me. I know your looking for something and can’t find it. Your unhappy, your more than likely a coward because you’d rather type faceless opinions instead of having a real conversation with intelligent points. Your bitter, egotistical, and closed minded.
      If you read this, you won’t consider any of it for constructive criticism, instead you’ll be looking for grammatical errors or building proof denying these things are true. If I’m wrong I must still have some calcium deposits in my third eye. ; )

  30. Man so many flaws in your post Not again this one cross sectional study from luke and now everyone claim that… Why Japanese dont have the most calcified pineal gland? Did you even read Luke study? author statement that there is no link between dose of fluoride exposure and lvl of calcyfication. Radiation Experiments show that magnetic fields also act on the pineal gland, leading to a decrease in melatonin production(less than 5% decrease) Because is more wakefullnes state. The fields do not damage the gland, but send it a signal not to pro- duce melatonin at the present time. ” also believe that the chemtrails and other environmental exposures contain ” yes and people who doing this breathe other air? they will be also exposed to this please people start think. Read some studies Aluminium you drawn conclusion on one study from almost 20 years on six human cadavers which havent been replicated? do you know that Correlation does not imply causation? (why first symptoms isnt melatonin reduction if pineal gland are most affected?) When you spread theory you should use sources which confirm your claims, I see naked people who spread about end of the world claming that this is theory. The most important the dose make poison,

  31. I believe the church is evil
    the pope holds a staff with the pinecone at the top and a huge pinecone in front of the vacatin this stands for the pineal gland they hold the secrets so the bible maybe real peoples accounts of guidence from god but we are all able to connect with god but today if you heard a voice from god you would be locked up in the mental ward the pineal gland is the way to finding god and when activated it fills the body with light and god is not human god is love god is light anything including religion that cause war hate and bloodshed is not of good but of evil we are what we believe we create our own lives both good and bad by what we think and what we feel and the floride has been added to our water and many of our foods and drinks for the purpose of tuning us out we need to wake up and take back our power in a world that our thoughts and feelings can and will change our world for the betterment of all earthkind…peace and love to all godbless…

  32. This is some very interesting stuff on the pineal gland.My wife and I have recently decided to begin a transition to a raw food diet because of what we’ve been leaning about this powerful gland.Thank you very much for this information.

  33. since coming out of a 3 week coma,nearly four years ago,my pineal gland(third eye) is on constantly.I never used to tan in the sun,now my body can tan in a day.I can read people and have a direct contact with God.I easily know God or someone detatch from my body is looking through my left eye.I can feel all sensations with ease and I know my body and mind work differently as if I am split in two.I’m hoping someone else out there,can help me ubderstand this oneness with God and the world I live in.

  34. Hahahahah… HAHAHAHA … I tell you, THE ALIENS ARE COMIN ! THE ALIENS ARE COMIN .. THe ALIENS ARE COMIN! Those are the “Demons from hell” that are talking to you. The clarity that you are experiencing is coming from GOD .. That “oneness” and “sense of well being” that you are felling is your connection to the creator. You just have to figure out what that “good spirit” is so you don’t end up being deceived by the “evil ones'” counterfeit .. People are looking for something that they know is real. They know in their hearts that it’s out there but they keep on looking in all the wrong places even when they know in their hearts where “it” already is.. You just have to open your mind and eyes and let yourself experience it. Stop looking in all the wrong places. If you start searching in the places where you know “God” abounds for the answers, the path to your enlightenment will be greatly shortened and you will have a much easier, pleasant journey to the truth and into the “after life”>

    • Moses, just now 4/10/16 read your reply. When the student’s ready the teacher will appear. We are all on a Spiritual journey and not all take the same road but our destination is the same.
      Some of us have evolved in our life time to connect to our God source on a HIGHER level. You are right where you are suppose to be. Namaste

    • The aliens are coming? Wtf are you talking about? Why is it every time anything concerning science is discussed, some idiot has to do what you just did. Here’s some news that’s gonna blow your mind…God GAVE us all pineal glands! By making fun of this article and the FACTS it states regarding the gland and the effects of fluoride on it, you inadvertently and completely ignorantly insult the God who is your only answer. Its not God OR Science. It’s God and science. He gave us brains for a reason. Use yours.

      • I completely agree with you eveyones talking about God being silly but yet there so blinded by what’s really going it’s God he’s the answer he’s the reason but they want to believe there’s some other explanation for it
        To: Ryan

  35. I was searching on pineal gland and came across your article. I want to make people aware that one great way to awaken the pineal gland aka third eye is through the use of a formula I discovered which contains marine phytoplankton, chlorella and spirulina. These three single cell algae contain amazing amounts of purely dense nutrients and are the perfect food for our endocrine system. They will clean heavy metals and pave the way for the glands to function at their highest level.
    What you will notice by regular use of my formula is a high level of energy centered around the brain and head. Your mind will pick up this energy as a rising vortex force and you will actually feel this energy in your crown chakra. It is really quite phenomenal. I recommend daily use of my formula. For months now, I have never failed to maintain this amazing and healing energy throughout my body and into my highest chakras.

  36. Very good article, balanced by freaky morons posting idiocies.

    Everything but the eyeball exists there for a third eye.
    Highly recommend the megabeams laser or QVials, or even FoodBoosters for balancing/energizing third eye, which is also, interestingly, the meridian point for pineal gland.

    Above all, protection from emf radiation is the single most vital thing we can do to protect third eye chakra, and all the meridian points it intersects with, although sodium in water supplies comes a close second.

    Kanga machine is alright, although first comment above that it’s “the best” is a bit hyperbolic.

    Without accepting any of the silliness about God, the technological developments in EAV, and in multiple disciplines related to bioenergetic science, reveal a great deal about third eye chakra, and how we can use such devices, along with those I mentioned above, to engage FAR more of our intuitive and numerous cerebrum-related functions of the brain.

    Bottom line: Learning more leads to living more… and living stronger for longer.

    We see quite a few FB pages/timelines treating with this subject, many are recommended to all.

    Really good article: Articulate, succinct, informative, and worth recommending. Will re-post. Thank you for sharing this.

  37. Interesting quote you end on here given that you don’t analyse shit in this article.
    The pineal gland is a gland… It secretes hormones… It does not give you magic powers…
    Also as you point out don’t believe things without evidence. So I won’t believe you thanks.

    • People fear and admonish that which they do not understand.

      The Pineal does not “give you” powers, it is tied directly to learning capacity, or better access to and use of Mind. When the entire Endocrine system is “filled” it produces the perfect balance of chemicals into the body, awakening or greatly enhancing the ability to exercise these Mental “powers” in a sense. This has been known since before the Hermetics in Ancient Egypt. There are multiple references in thousands of historical documents where practices have been formulated to focus on the activation of and use of this Mental Muscle we have. There are many practices designed to enhance its effects on the body in which to use its effects for deeper and more profound uses. There are practices designed to enhance the entire Endocrine system which this is a part of in order to reach newer and higher spiritual experiences. Like any muscle, to gain benefit from it, one must exercise it and put it to use. Being a Mental Muscle, we must learn the laws by which it operates in the Mental plane. If we can agree there are physical laws by which we live and operate under, then it stands to reason there are Mental Laws as well and Mind is “First Cause”. Nothing is brought into the Physical that did not first originate in the Mental. It has been proven that Mind (not brain) operates above and outside of the Physical Laws we have defined. This brings Thought/Mind into the “Meta-Physical” understandings. The only way one can really grasp any of this without just brushing it aside as being fanciful thoughts of a few fringe people is by doing and learning for yourself. We learn by doing, reading only opens us up to the possibilities, application of what we learn is what brings wisdom and experience.

      The information discussed here is on spot and unfortunately very well executed in the US in the “dumbing down” of the Nation. Being one of the only countries that allow Flouride in everything, the majority have no clue as to the damage it is designed to do. Most countries have it outlawed – think about that. Fluoride has been proven to cause learning disabilities in children. This and multiple other ways the top 1% of the top 1% is manipulating humanity in the long game. Conspiracy theorists aside, wake up and look at facts and use the MIND you were given to come to your own conclusions. I could give many verifiable proofs that this is happening. This is real and I found efficacy in this when I stopped ingesting anything which contained fluoride. I then embarked on practices to “activate” this center, which when one does, you can feel a real vibration occurring in the area of the Pineal. My meditations became clearer, my Mind more useable, etc. Proof is in the pudding………….

  38. Folks this goes back to the Garden of Eden. Gnosis/Knowledge aka The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that The LORD specifically told Adam and Eve not to eat of it because if they did they would surely die.
    The Sneaky Snake himself known as The Serpent caused Eve to question what God had said. Hmmmmm.
    Genesis 3. Read the Account word for word. The Authorized King James Bible which was not called The KIng James Bible until the Revisionist came out with their Gnostic Versions beginning in 1881. Wescott and Hort changed the Hebrew and Greek.

    The Serpent told Eve she would surely not die and her eyes would be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Oh yeah look were this has gotten humanity. Death and Destruction. The Fall of Man.
    The Order of Skull N Bones The Secret Society at Yale University. Chapter 3:22 from Genisis.

    Jesus came to Save us from this Mess. We were never meant to be like gods; the Fallen Angels; The Nephillim aka The Giants. Genesis 6. There is so much more but this is the main point.

  39. What the author of the article is talikng about is called awakening/ opening of third eye. You don’t need to belive it, make your own research, there is tonnes of info about that online. As for me, i have been decalcyfying my pineal glad for 6 months now and clearead all toxins and fluride out if my system and now im strating to get some amazing experiences. Thank you for your article!

    • Hey, Oxana, how can I decalcyfy my 3rf eye? Or clean up the flouride and things that affects my brain? I feel like there is more potential in me.. And i don’t know hot to find it..
      Thx in advancee.

  40. More searching must be done by the author and everyone who believes the pineal gland is the third eye. Despite popular thought, it is not the third eye. However, you’re on the right track. I will not say what is truly the third eye because everyone must come to this sacred knowledge on their own. Only those worthy will find the truth. Once found and activated, you will be able to see and visit your entire subconscious and the “other realms” at will. Those who seek shall find. Happy seeking!

  41. Randy,I would VERY much like to know what you experienced. I am a little frustrated lately in meditation and trying to visualize the pineal gland and work towards opening the Chakra. Maybe something you experienced can help me understand this phenomena and help me make progress.

  42. If I drew a picture, sat you down and try to give you a full understanding of the use and long history of the pineal gland works. You could never understand the full aspect of this if you don’t have melanin. So all you none melanin people please stop taking the tiny bit of knowledge you boosted or heard and think you know what this is all about. YOU DON”T! You will always be an infant in this universe.

    • To all “non melanin” people Google ‘Melanin and the Pineal Gland’
      Everything relevant is there, just click around.
      Its not another exclusionary club, nor is it any more mystic than your research and application offers. Try to eliminate fluoride wherever you can. Reread the above article.
      Melanin is instrumental in production of melatonin which is significant to sleep patterns and seasonal biologies.
      Dont believe those melatonin myths. Statistically and historically darker begat darker. Witch doctors and voodoo dominate and the pineal gland is subject to evil.
      Be mindful. Activating and exercising can be rewarding and insightful or open you to misunderstandings. For any and all of this you do NOT have to be melanin laden. In fact, the seasonal aspect or hormonal ‘knowledge’ from this amino suggests the ebb and flow method of body saturation levels is preferable to the constant level, the one more readily ignored.

  43. I consider myself an open minded person, and such a theory as described above is certainly intriguing. I am not the sort of person to immediately disbelieve something simply because it sounds too “weird” or “magical.” However, I notice you didn’t cite any sources. I’d be very interested to know where you get your information. Written as it is, you offer no evidence or backing for your statements. I think people would be more open to your claims if you supported your article with a few sources.

    • you could just look it up for yourself Michi and find reliable factual sources 😉 If you need suggeestions I could certainly help you out, but there is a LOT of reliable information about ths topic in articles books documentaries ect.

      Props to you for keeping and open mnd and not instantly dismissing it! that means they havent completely and fully turned you into a pacified zombie yet!

  44. The words from Jesus the Son of the Creator GOD, told His people [ anglo saxons ] to get water baptised by full emersion, and He would place into them His Spirit, which the Pastor would know had been received, because that person would come out in an unlearned clear language. When that is undertaken, the person then has a Robe of Spiritual Covering over him, and the taking of poisons then has no effect….Mark 16:18……………I have done this with a sincere heart, because Jesus said to do so – and all that is promised I gave witnessed !!

  45. Agree 100 percent wake up and smell the roses people it’s not just the fluoride wat about all this vaccinations they make u give ur kids 65 to be exact before they are 16 just to go to school

  46. Really enjoyed this article thank you. I am a spiritual person my self and psychic and teach others psychic development. I agree to the last statement you made and it is true to many people believe in just what they hear. They should only believe in what they feel, and if you meditate and do this more and more and listen to the inner voice you will have a much better understanding.

  47. That’s a good argument, but a well-written article ought to cite its sources. While one could easily say, “Well, that article was interesting. I’d better go look this up elsewhere since it didn’t provide any sources,” many people would really like to see sources cited and evidence offered within said article. Basic English Writing 101, site your sources. As you stated, you could help me out and, allegedly, there are a lot of reliable information and articles, books, documentaries, et cetera. If that’s the case, at least mention them in the article.

  48. keep me updated about this pineal gland ,I like to find out more about this pineal gland stuff. It is wise to get educated about this .Im not into this ,just want to know about it.Education and awareness counts in every perspective.


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