Home Video Earth: How Small We are – This Will Blow Your Mind

Earth: How Small We are – This Will Blow Your Mind

Earth: How Small We are – This Will Blow Your Mind

Cosmic chemistry says that the entire cosmos is a body. Nothing in it stands apart, all things are joined together. So no matter how distant a star may be from us, when it changes our heartbeats also change. And no matter how far away the sun may be, when it becomes very disturbed our blood circulation is also disturbed. Every eleven years an atomic storm occurs on the sun.

It is necessary that some matters be understood. First, it is necessary to know that from a scientific point of view the whole solar family is born out of the sun. The moon, Mars, Jupiter, and the rest of the planets, including this earth, are all organic parts of the sun. Slowly, life on earth came into being – from plants to man. Man is an organic part of the earth; the earth is an organic part of the sun. It is like a mother who has a daughter, who in turn also has a daughter, and in all three of them the same blood flows. Their bodies are made up of similar cells. The scientists use a word, empathy, meaning shared sensitivity. Those things that are born from the same source have a sort of shared inner experience.

Out of the sun the earth is born, and out of the earth our bodies are born, and far away the sun is our great grandparent. Whatsoever happens on the sun creates a vibration in every cell of our bodies. It must be that way because our cells are all born out of the sun. The sun appears to be a great distance away but it is not so far. In every element of our blood and in every particle of our bones, live the atoms of the sun. We are part of the sun, so it is no wonder that in our lives we are influenced by the sun. There is a sort of empathy between the sun and ourselves. If we understand this empathy properly, we shall enter into one dimension of astrology… Excerpts from book Hidden Mysteries by Osho


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