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Osho Leela : Personal Development Centre in UK

Osho Leela : Personal Development Centre in UK

Famous for its festivals, workshops and conscious clubbing weekends, Osho Leela is one of the UK’s leading personal growth centers offering workshops during the year in healing, massage, yoga, meditation, tantra, dance, comedy, theater and life-coaching skills.

Situated in a beautiful house in the heart of the Dorset countryside of England. Osho Leela is a friendly, open and welcoming place offering warm, creative and meditative space.

Whether you are looking for personal growth or further training, your experience here will help you get to know yourself and transform your life on all levels.

Staying at leela

There are many ways to experience Osho Leela, Camping in summer or staying in Pine Chalets and Caravan Holiday homes, available to rent throughout the year.

The large leela house consists of beautiful rooms with wooden floors and massive bay windows, many of them converted into dorms for the visitors, two big kitchens, a dining room,  reception rooms, and large gardens.

LocatedĀ  within 2 hours of London and with easy travel connections by road and rail.

The Leela Centre is the ideal venue for all forms of personal growth, therapy, healing, meditation, music, dance, theatre and art.

Come play the game of life little more at osho leela .

Leela can be reached at www.osholeela.uk


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