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Guided Meditation : Unblock Third Eye & Decalcify Your Pineal Gland by Su Devi

Guided Meditation : Unblock Third Eye & Decalcify Your Pineal Gland by Su Devi

Sudevi talks about the possibility of reversing the damage caused to pineal gland by fluoride calcification. In this guided meditation video, Sudevi shares step by step guided meditation technique to unblock Ajna Chakra, commonly know as Third Eye and how to decalcify the pineal gland, and start over with a fresh and natural production house of seratonin, melatonin, and DMT.

Guided Meditation Technique Summary from the Video:

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable and relaxed Position

Step 2 : Breathe in Deeply

Step 3: Hold your breath for as long as you can or as per the video instruction

Step 4: Feel the fullness of your lungs

Step 5: Stop thinking and bring all your attention and energies to your third eye (jAna chakra)

Step 6: Exhale and try to look from your ajna chakra (between your eyebrows)

Step 7: Be vividly aware of all sounds at background, be vividly aware of the seat you are sitting on, be vividly aware of your computer screen but do not get identify with any thoughts and maintain a state of non thinking mind and be a pure witness of everything that is happening around.

Step 8: Make sure you Stop Thinking and be a watcher of everything around you, do not get identify with any thoughts in your mind

Step 9: Stop verbalizing the words in your mind

Step 10: After few moments come back to normal state..

Practice this meditation process every day, the important step in this meditation is to bring all attention ( energies, consciousness) on your third eye and maintain the state of non thinking and not to get identify with any of your thoughts.

To get better results with non thinking stage you can also practice Vipassana meditation before working on your third eye.

Sudevi Suggests following daily lifestyle to decalcify and stay immune against fluoride :

1. Bring awareness into your day to day life and stop consuming fluoride in all its forms. (Reverse osmosis water filtration, fluoride free toothpaste, mouthwash and gum.)

2. Eat a healthy, vegetarian diet, consisting mainly of fresh, organic, non GMO fruits and vegetables! (This step was left out of the video- but very important! The body’s ability to heal and reverse the damage of fluoride poisoning is greatly accelerated when we consume foods that cleanse, rather
than foods that build up.)

3. Meet your daily requirements of essential fatty acids through raw foods! (Coconut, avocado, sesame seeds, nuts, super foods like acai and goji berries, etc.)

4. MEDITATE! The guided meditation shared here is ideal for the decalcification process, as it focuses on third eye awareness, and the reversal of verbalized thought process. Do it as often as possible, and look forward to vivid dreams, deep meditations, spiritual joy, and a natural ease of life. When the pineal gland is working properly, life is bliss! Enjoy.

About Video Host

Sudevi is a Canadian born mystic and a active blogger and Youtuber, In her recent post about International Conspiracy Against Enlightenment she encourages everyone to raise our awareness and individually be responsible for researching and sharing the hidden agendas behind the all collective corruption in our world today as global corruption affects our conscious path of self realization, and ultimately how to evolve from all the blockages piled against us by the self-styled global “elite,” and rise our consciousness to highest peak of enlightenment .

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    actually I say
    This is exactly the goal sought by operators – ins conscious or not, voluntary or not of the plot – with their manipulations. Promulgate the normality of the slave state to the ground and there is no awareness. The durability of their inhuman paradigm is guaranteed. Apparently people not be aware of this but it remains the source of eternal the impulse which can emerge according to life experiences

  2. awesome meditation ! Thanks Sudevi. I just did this for the first time, your face changed rapidly to different faces and colors and textures. it was intense , never saw anything like that before. your bindi was like looking into space

  3. i’m not Hindu but i do believe in keeping the body healthy. Your beautiful to by the way. Goo information from your video.

  4. hello sudevi if thats your name :), you are like an angel for me i have one question… what should i do.. or what is when i am sleeping and i know im sleeping…, feel like a conciosnes state of sleeping i know im there sleeping i cant move and i feel a very strong energy going through my head, my chest and have visions of energy in my eyes when they are closed.. its like a electric sensation, and sometimes i feel that all over my body super intense but i let myself go with love what is?

  5. when i was watching this video and the meditation part came it i really tried it and i felt like i was in the same place you were ..if that makes sense? in 19 days ill be moving to canada and i will be starting my cleansing diet and meditation if you could email me some places were i could find organics and such things that would really help! or just reply to this comment cause i watch this video all the time! lol mdeshongchs@yahoo.com

  6. I drink only Distilled Water! and I don’t Ingest any Flouride Toothpaste I use the one with Baking Soda! I am a Student of Natural Science and a Buddhist of over 48 years of practice! I do understand that there are a lot of BAD PEOPLE trying to Depopulate the Earth but this seems very intricatelly involved with the governments of the Planet, if they are ALLOWING this “Illuminati” to Murder the People of The Earth by Poisoning our Water Supply with “FLOURIDE” and our Oxygen Supply by Chemtrails

  7. (READ MESSAGE BELOW 1ST) into buying all there stuff and folowing irrelavant trends every conspiracy and theory are all linked you just gotta see it everything goes deeper than one would suspect and imagen the vast majority of americans and earths population off of fluride and meditating and decalcyfing the pineal glan with everyone with higher conciousness who has the worlds dominators got left to controll ask your self this “IS A SLAVE STILL A SLAVE IF HE/SHE DOESN’T KNOW THERE BEING ENSLAVED?

  8. well theres this group of duded called the !! ILLUMINATI !! right and they control the 7 stages of the earths economic system i.e (education,banking, food & retail, news & most of all media ect) THEY are responsible for thousands of years of slavery mal nourishment and delay of development of all others in poverty. they put flouride in our products to stop the human development so we stay dump and stupid while putting shit in music like nicky monage and lil wayne to hypnotize and condition weaks

  9. Thank you for this guide. For a few weeks now I’ve been feeling this weird sensation on my forehead (where you have that nice dot). Its like pressure, tingling or presence of something, so I decided to lookup for some videos about pineal gland. From my past experience, vivid dreams are more clear than when I see through my two eyes and I don’t want to loose that. Hope you have some more videos on how to clean all other chakras too and more importantly – how to move energy up (my biggest issue=))

  10. If you search online, you can order a shower filter that filters fluoride. I think I saw one for around $40-$50. It’s something that I’m looking into as well. 🙂

  11. Hi cutie, lol that’s the best thing I can think to call you, Ive never been very spiritual or anything like that my whole life, but the closer we get to 12 21 12 the more I am having a spiritual awakening.. I have changed my diet, been doing meditations, and almost had an astral projection first time trying.. I felt tingles then saw a strobing light in my eyelids if you will.. my ears have became very sensitive, as well as smell, is this all normal may I ask?

  12. I have a couple of questions. If you can please answer it would be very helpful. I am from Canada too btw :). Thxforvid!

    I didn’t know about fluoride blocking my third eye until this video but what I am more curios about is the fact that I can never have a quiet mind. But I have extremely dreamlike visions during them that seem really peaceful. Can you give me advice on how to reach a quieter mind? Does it have to do with fluoride? I have been meditating for almost 2 years now quite frequently

  13. thank you, – and god bless !! – i had a lucid dream about the third eye when i was a child, –
    thank you – and God bless ! – i had a lucid dream about the third eye when i was a boy, – and have never forgotten it, – but lately, – i’ve been having trouble achieving ‘no mind, – maybe this could be the problem, – or a big part of it, – it horrifies me really, to think that ‘they would do such a thing to all of us……

  14. So, if I have obtained control of my third eye, will it seem like I hear spirits and/or people talking that other people don’t hear?


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