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  1. Your body will eventually wake you up anyway which will force you back to your body, but from my understanding time is different in the astral so you might feel like you spent a day in the astral but it might have only been a few hours time in this dimension.

  2. a couple days ago i had an “OBE” with the vibration sympton. when the vibration sympton occurred i got scared and called out Jesus which i could hear myself saying half asleep like a whisper. then all of a sudden i saw a man in white for an instant after that i pulled myself up and thought i was awake but everything seemed more real and unreal at the same time. I felt like i was pure energy in another parallel dimension. incredible experience.

  3. @kayvansrt8 Don’t be scared.. Trust me . Have there been a time where you said I wish I had super powers well look that’s our power you can’t stop you should be happy others try to get to that stage but still fail you should be happy and show it off

  4. I use to get sp more common around 7 years old, humming, seeing things , paralisis and my mom told me i was dreaming. Years later it comes back and im watching youtube videos about it. I knew this wasnt JUST normal dreaming and i was awake in some aspect.

  5. for inspiration:
    the deepest way of love- supernatural love:
    “He who has the Holy Spirit in him, to however slight a degree, sorrows DAY and NIGHT for all mankind(with many tears). This heart is filled with pity for all God’s creatures, more especially for those who do not know God, or who resist Him and therefore are bound for the fire of torment. For them, more than for himself, he prays day and night, that all may repent and know the Lord.” Saint Silouan of holy MOUNT ATHOS

  6. you are such an idiot , i will know when i am about to astral project – right before i astral project idiot

  7. i tried yesterday the astral projection and i used one of idoser sounds, for astral projection an them my heart started to beat really fast, i got scared and stop, lol i’m gonna let it go next time

  8. I have been trying project my astral body; I always get to the point where it is really vibrating but end up waking up…The very first time I actually saw myself coming out of my body, saw my body, got quite scared and flew up through the roof and woke right back up in my body…Any tips?

  9. Excuse me, This is very interesting but I have some questions. What if I don’t want to wake up? What if I want to stay in that state for a while, Mabye a day? And can some body wake you, Like see i’m in this state of mind, ANd my brother comes to wake me up for school, Can I stay in this state until I feel the need to come back to physical body?

  10. What I would like to know is if trying this while you’re falling asleep is actually effective. I’ve always read that you need sleep first, rather than trying as you’re falling asleep it’s easier to wake up after 4-5 hours and go back to sleep. Which is the more effective way to astral project? I also have an issue with lucid dreaming when I’m trying to AP. Sometimes I cannot tell which is which. I’ve had many obe’s but I really need a technique that is solid.

  11. Definately try in mid day first, I did at night once and was a little shooken up before I performed the exit, My (Astral) eyes opened to a spirit (entity) right in my face trying to speak to me. Then i did it in day light the next day, I saw another Entity but this time knew It wasn’t going to hurt me, Its also easier to make out what things are in the day light. If you do happen to run into an Entity, Be friendly and positive. Anyways back to your main question yes, day help for a 1st time.

  12. does astral projection only occur when one is in a supine position, in other words laying on their back?

  13. I want to do it but I’m scared of seeing something I’ve seen in a horror movie or scary in general. Do you think doing it in mid-day might help over come these fears?

  14. I was getting these sensations before I ever knew about astral projection. It freaked me out and I thought I was dying, just as you said! Went for months with anxiety over these events, and now am finally free of it. I feel so much better; almost back to where I was before the anxiety just hearing someone else describe these sensations and reassuring me that they are completely normal! Thank you so much! Now, to actually intentionally try to AP 🙂

  15. So I never knew much about AP/OBE. but I think I have had something like it happen last night when I actually tried. I was laying down in the quiet and dark and just tried to breath slowly and relax myself and felt tingling and eventually felt an “expanding feeling” like mostly in my fingers and hands and then my body almost was totally numb feeling. I knew that I “could move” but didnt want to lose it if i was almost there and got a little excited and was trying to will myself out and found i really did want it. I almost felt like something was happening/ leaving but unsure. but after that nothing happened. 🙁 also I watched a youtube vid to help focus my mind i found myself spinning in 2 different directions..even though I was laying down at the time. I remember being little.. like 4 or 5 and having that feeling when I would be in bed. so Im wondering what I can do to really GET OUT THERE! Please and Thank you!!!!!!


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