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Working the Intuitive Muscle What is it Like Being Psychic

Working the Intuitive Muscle  What is it Like Being Psychic

I’m an intuitive healer. Another word for what I do and who I am is psychic. Normally the first question that enters into peoples’ head’s when I tell them about myself is, “Can she read my mind?” I cannot reach into your mind and see that time in third grade when you stole that candy bar from the local deli. My nature is that of a healer and my intention is to provide insight that is in a person’s highest interest. Is it really in the highest good to see a misjudgment?

I believe that every single one of us has “intuitive abilities.” I believe that intuition is like using a muscle. If you don’t use a muscle, then it becomes weak. So like any muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Now, some of you are saying, “I don’t ever use this muscle in fact, I’m not sure I even have the muscle.” I expect you are using the muscle more than you think you are…

If you were thinking about someone and then they called; you had an intuitive moment and you’re using the muscle. If you had a gut feeling and it came to pass; you had an intuitive moment and you’re using the muscle. If you had a dream and then it played out during your waking hours, guess what, you had an intuitive moment and you’re using the muscle.

How do I use my intuitive muscle? What I do is I listen to the guidance that most people tune out and relay that information to them to give insight and clarity. Each one of us has a metaphysical support team behind us. This support team sometimes is referred to as Angels. I call them Guides and Teachers. A lot of us don’t communicate with our team, I do. I can also converse with yours. I help people establish a dialogue with their guides and teacher as well.

Another question that I get asked is, “So, what’s it like being intuitive?” You might have an idea from watching shows like Medium or The Ghost Whisper. About 55% of what those show depict is accurate. Of all the shows, I think Medium does the best to illustrate how a psychic “sees” what they see. Intuitive images don’t usually come to you all neatly tied up in a bow. They require us to piece them together into a coherent picture that serves us in the moment. Because, we each have diverse experiences, our processes are different and we are each specially wired; “how” we see things will be particular from person-to-person.

There is a whole lexicon of terms that explain how people get their intuitive information, these include:

Clairvoyance — The ability to gain information via means other than human known senses. It comes from the French clair meaning “clear” and voyant meaning seeing.

Clairaudient: The ability to gain knowledge psychically via hearing.

Clairalience – The ability to gain knowledge psychically via smelling.

Claircognizance — The ability to acquire knowledge psychically primarily by the means of a built-in

knowledge. This is the ability to know something without knowing how you know it.

Clairsentience — The ability to gain information psychically an impression of what a spirit wants to communicate.

Clairsentinence — The ability to gain information psychically by taking on the ailments of a spirit, feeling the same physical problem the spirit, person or energy.

Clairgustance — The ability to gain psychic information by tasting.

Empathic — The ability to physically feel what another is feeling, emotionally and physically.

Medium — The ability of a person to relay information via the contact with the incarnate energies.

Now, that you have some idea of ways to see and hear intuitively, if you have experience any of these don’t fear. Whether you understand it totally or not, to have experiences beyond our traditional five senses is “normal.” I assist students all over the country to explore and cultivate their intuitive abilities. One of the first exercises, we do is to write down all the words the student relates to psychic behavior. Do any of the words you have written down have negative connotation? Could those thoughts be influencing your intuitive ability?

Another exercise to disarm feelings of fear around extra sensory perception is to discover how your intuition displays itself. A way of having fun and investigating your intuitiveness is by getting a couple of friends together and each one of you come with an object in an envelope sealed. Each one of you passes around your envelope and the group gets a chance to sense what might be in the envelope. The idea is to write down what first comes in your head and not sensor yourself. Then the contents of the envelope are revealed and you get to experience how you receive your intuitive information. It is important to be open during this exercise. For example: you could write down my hands felt hot when I touched the envelope and the when the contents are revealed it is a red object or maybe a brochure to a tropical island.

If you have children or get to spend any time with kids, you will see that they live intuitively. Intuitiveness seems to flow in children because it feels natural to them and children do what feels natural. They can hear and see things that adults just tune out. An imaginary friend, in my experience, isn’t really imagery and it is no cause for alarm. When your child speaks of his/her imaginary friend, ask questions. What are they wearing? How old are they? Where do they come from? You will be amazed the answers you get. Remember, children learn fear and if they don’t seem to be afraid of this process, then why should you?

I’m here to tell you that living via your intuition makes life easier; not harder. It helps release fears and allows you to live with great joy.

When I give an intuitive reading, I can receive information several ways: in just words in my mind, images, a movie scene, a song, a situation from my own life, information from souls who have journeyed on, etc. One of the earliest memories of Claircognizance is from my teen years. I was on a class trip and I was sitting on the bus waiting to be taken to our next activity and thought the money in my suitcase was going to be gone when I went back to the room that night. I know that it would be gone and I knew who took it. Later that night, when we returned the money was indeed gone. I didn’t know how I gain that knowledge I just knew that it was fact.

I am also empathic. This means during a reading I will feel what the other person is experiencing. I have experience a shortness of breath. When I relay this to the person I ask if they have been having troubles breathing or feel like that can’t catch their breath. I have experienced stomach pains or dizziness during a reading and have found out that a person has digestion problems or is having side effects from a medication.

As an intuitive it is key, not to become attached to how that information is going to be received. What I do you mean by attached? I mean attached to the outcome; how the information I relay will be used or understood by the client, or if the client believes the information I am relaying is “right.”

Once we let go of control and listen to the guidance that each one of us is being showered with everyday, then I believe life can be easier and we attain a sense of freedom from anguish. Most people what to know their future because then they will feel like they have a sense of control over their own destiny. They have it backwards. Releasing control and understanding that you are being provided for at every turn will allow you to live fully in your natural state, which is that of being intuitive.


  1. i apologize bu i have a question:
    i can see spirits constantly, even in my school sometimes. i can see them by color or physical appearances such as hair color, clothing or demons with claws, long hair and a white gown with sometimes horns on their head.
    so what am i? i don;t know what i am! DX

  2. Don’t think I’m crazy or schizophrenic, but it ffeels like I can feel what people are kind of feeling by…. The air around them. I can also tell when they lie or if something is worng with them. Am I nuts?????


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